Menstrual effects

How Your Period Could Affect Your Sex Life

fuwifweffjw2efwef3ewfwMenstruation is a physiological phenomenon associated with several changes in the female body. Many women experience specific signs and symptoms during this natural process. This includes a change in appetite, digestion, energy levels, emotions, mood and even libido. The female sex drive changes throughout the menstrual cycle. For most women, the real question is – How your period could affect your sex life? Well, the answer to this changes from person to another. Some women experience pre-menstrual sex as raw and primal, while some people feel icky and not sexy during that phase of the month. Let us discuss this in detail.

How does your period affect your sex life?

5oersfwefggweg34fgwffSex drive is associated with the presence of testosterone and estrogen in the body. Testosterone is the sex hormone linked with aggressiveness and lust. Women also produce small amounts of testosterone. Testosterone in females may work to boost sexual desire and energy levels ensuring that the clitoris, as well as the nipples, are sensitive to sexual pleasure. The hormone levels keep fluctuating throughout your menstrual cycle. The testosterone and estrogen peak during the ovulation time. During this biological phase in women, she feels sexy and desirable. Her sexuality reaches to the peak, and all the senses are heightened.

Sex desire and periods

ujsdifwefrweef232f32During the first day of the periods, the testosterone levels decline. But, as the testosterone levels rise a couple of days into your cycle, you sex drive goes with it. Therefore, most women experience an increase in libido during days during their period. Well, for some this is an inconvenient and unhygienic timing to have sex. Many women will not want to have sex during this phase even if they have a strong sexual desire. This is because they find period sex a mess. They do not feel good about themselves, and this can affect their sexual desire and impede their sex. Studies have found that personal expectations and beliefs can affect the sexual function and sexuality of the person.

Sex during periods

Several studies have confirmed that sex during periods is beneficial to women. Sex can help in relieving menstrual cramps, and orgasms or sexual pleasure release endorphins, a natural mood uplifter, that can help in fighting bad mood or mood swings during periods.rg43wef4twefg344tr3tr3

Sex during menstruation is a very personal decision. How your period could affect your sex life depends entirely on you. Depending on their personal preferences, women may feel the desire to get down and dirty and completely avoid sex during periods.…